11.01.11 Strong Heart cuts

SeungGi’s grand entrance

Because You’re My Woman – ballad version

Because You’re My Woman – military version

super cute moments!

credit: dclsg

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2 Responses to 11.01.11 Strong Heart cuts

  1. yon says:

    this is a cute episode..!

    actually, the editing team is really very good.. imagine a 9hours recording for 2 episodes and editing it to a 2-3hours programme is not easy…..

    When i saw the 2episodes that i went to watch the recording in Nov, it was so exciting…but when i was there, maybe because of my limited korean knowledge, i don’t find it as exciting as watching the edited version…hahaha…. but the exciting moments is before the recording (when i saw him upclose) and after the recording (when his vehicle was beside my cab)… ^_^

  2. osi says:

    Oh God, the military version..hahaha..
    I can’t stop laughing..

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