Lee Dae Ho, “Contacted by Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seung Gi, I couldn’t refuse.”

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Lotte Giants’ professional baseball player Lee Dae Ho explained why he had appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Sunday – 1N2D’.

Lee Dae Ho made an appearance on MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery – Knee Drop Guru’ that was broadcasted on the 12th.

On that day, when questioned by MC Kang Ho Dong, “Why did you first appear on the other broadcast station’s 1N2D when you promised to appear on Knee Drop Guru first?” Lee Dae Ho explained, “Actually, I was going to come to Knee Drop Guru first, but I was suddenly contacted by Lee Seung Gi.” He then said, “(Lee Seung Gi) came to Busan. He didn’t know where to go, and he didn’t have anyone to go with. It was a request from the nation’s younger brother, I really couldn’t refuse.”

source: starnews

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6 Responses to Lee Dae Ho, “Contacted by Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seung Gi, I couldn’t refuse.”

  1. yon says:

    When i watched that episode in 1N2D, he gave me the impression of a really nice guy..

    Usually guys will be a bit jealous of the man that their wives likes. Not only that, he took initiative to get Seung Gi’s mobile phone number, called his wife and let her know. Let the wife join them in the dinner. Gave 2 things to Seung Gi.. He is so different.. and he even fed our Seung Gi… you don’t see that when Soo Geun or Ho Dong met the other 2 baseball players.

    Yes, who can resist the request from the nation brother?? ^_^

    • rawr says:

      hey, those two other baseball players were equally generous. the player that Sugeun met treated them to a meal, and even fed Daeju. LOL. and Hodong’s baseball guy had him come inside his home. and he even went to the KBS awards with them. and of course, his love for Han Hyojoo hahahahaha.

      • yon says:

        yeah.. the baseball player who met with Soo Geun was nice too. He treated them to a meal with Beef pancake. Beef is expensive in Korea and usually they don’t eat often. So it’s really nice of them. Beef pancake is also quite unusual as the normal ones are usually seafood, kimchi,etc…

        The other baseball player with Ho Dong was really very nice to show them his house. I heard before that Koreans usually do not like to invite their friends (especially foreigners) to their apartment if their house is small and not so tidy. So i’m quite surprised that the baseball player invited them in.

        But overall, i think Lee Dae Ho is the best of all.

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    I like the Lee Dae Ho segment too; he was really sweet to SG and the two seemed to hit it off immediately. His wife looked very nice as well, offering room and board to SG just like that. SG’s charm conquers everyone.

  3. cher says:

    yeah i agree to all lee dae ho is such a sweet hyung.. who can’ t resist lsg?? hmmm ..

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