Lee Sun Hee, “I’m eager to do everything for SeungGi.” Display of affection

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Singer Lee Sun Hee has expressed infinite affection for the hoobae singer discovered by her, Lee Seung Gi.

On SBS ‘One Night TV Entertainment’ broadcasted on the 13th, singer Lee Sun Hee who debuted over 27 years ago made an appearance.

Lee Sun Hee started by saying, “It was extraordinary when I first saw Lee Seung Gi.” Lee Sun Hee then said, “I had an extraordinary feeling because his eyes were really bright.” She added, “When I was touched by his drama, I felt that he had grown up to be a really magnificent young man.”

The reporter asked, “Did you sing the drama ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ OST because of Lee Seung Gi?” Lee Sun Hee poured out her heart saying, “That’s right. In fact, I want to do everything for SeungGi regardless of whether it can be seen or not.”

On the other hand, Lee Sun Hee has been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York.

You can watch the interview here.

source: tvreport

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1 Response to Lee Sun Hee, “I’m eager to do everything for SeungGi.” Display of affection

  1. yon says:

    lee sun hee is so willing to do everything for Seung Gi…wow!!!! seung gi must be such a nice and good boy…..

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