Which singers are hardest hit by online piracy?

This is actually a ranking list where I don’t want to see SeungGi’s name, but it just keeps popping up. 😦

On the 14th, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Copyright Protection Center under the Copyright Association of Korea disclosed the statistics of online piracy activities during last year.

On the online music sector chart, SNSD was #1 with a score of 35354 points. 2NE1 was #2 with a score of 23612 points. Our SeungGi, unfortunately, was in the 3rd place with a score of 23435 points.

The article doesn’t explain how the points were scored, but I’m guessing those are the numbers of illegal copies found by those two agencies.

If my memory serves me correctly, SeungGi was ranked high on this list last year as well.

source: citynews
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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1 Response to Which singers are hardest hit by online piracy?

  1. joannalissa says:

    PRO-it only means that his albums are in demand.
    CON-he doesn’t earn from it nor his recording label 😦

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