1N2D developing Asian market… The finishing touch would be Tsuyoshi Kusanagi?

This is a very interesting article, but it’s just too long for me to translate. So I’ll just try to summarize it as much as I can.

KBS variety program 1 Night 2 Days has become increasingly popular throughout Asia. The number of fans is growing exponentially in areas like Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Netizens from all over the world have enjoyed the show watching its main scenes with subtitles on the American video site Youtube. [OMG, this totally made me LOL. What’s the reporter smoking? We COULD all be enjoying the show watching the subtitled videos on Youtube IF the big bad KBS World could just leave those videos alone. :evil:]

In Japan as well, the show’s popularity has exploded among females age 10-49. Recently, its popularity has also spread to males in their 30s and 40s. The 1n2d craze in Japan is mainly attributed to 2 big factors: ‘Hallyu Star Lee Seung Gi Effect’ and ‘KBS World Effect’ (for broadcasting the program with English subtitles in over 70 countries). [Haha, is it obvious now what motivated me to write about this article? :P]

When the SBS drama Brilliant Legacy was broadcasted on Fuji TV last year, it had created a syndrome among young people in their teens and 20s.

During the broadcast on Fuji TV, the highest rating it recorded was 9.7%, which was double the average ratings (4~5%) of programs in that same time slot. There’s a rumor that thanks to the Brilliant Legacy broadcast, the Fuji TV drama organizing team was screaming for joy. Also thanks to the BL broadcast, there has been growing interest in its lead actor Lee Seung Gi, and that popularity has also spread to 1n2d.

The rest of the article talks about why Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (member of SMAP) who’s known as “Pro-Korean” would be a good choice as the 6th member on 1n2d.

source: dailian
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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5 Responses to 1N2D developing Asian market… The finishing touch would be Tsuyoshi Kusanagi?

  1. katja says:

    LOL I think KBSW should give a proper thanks to youtube & loyal fans of 1n2d who upload this show onto youtube..

  2. reglest says:

    Oh? I know that Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is someone who has the ‘variety sense’ in Japan. But for him to be 6th member? Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡..I don’t think variety show in japan is same with in korean

  3. rafielle says:

    Although Kusanagi is fluent in Korean I don’t think Kusanagi could fit 1n2d in his schedule, he’s a big star with lots of activities from drama to variety to music. I’m just hoping Mong would come back >.<, not some new guy

  4. Gen Wong says:

    I’m screaming for joy too at the article! Seunggi-ya, you’re amazing! Seunggi must be so happy when he reads this news. Great, great motivation for him.

  5. joannalissa says:

    Seung Gi is a certified Hallyu Star!! and yeah, KBS should be really thankful to youtube! It’s all about business and MONEY for them..gosh

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