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SeungGi the caring angel on 1N2D

SeungGi being caring and giving towards staff, members, and fans: [I think this fan compilation video came at a good time. I can’t believe some people could be so negative about SeungGi’s generosity.] credit: dclsg

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11.01.17 News Tidbits

Gosh, I’m almost scared to post this follow-up. But I’m sure all the real Airens could appreciate this. 😛 After the initial tweet about SeungGi’s Kolon Sport purchase, I think that person got a lot of questions. So she posted … Continue reading

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11.01.16 News Tidbits

Someone tweeted this after today’s 1n2d broadcast: Lee Seung Gi took 1n2d to Kolon Sport and bought 10 million won worth of clothes, that’s why everyone was wearing Kolon Sport, including the foreigner friends and their families… English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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11.01.16 1N2D cuts

This was definitely one of the most tear-jerking episodes. Because the focus was on the foreign guests, there were not very many SeungGi moments. PD Na impersonation tricks

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