11.01.16 1N2D cuts

This was definitely one of the most tear-jerking episodes. Because the focus was on the foreign guests, there were not very many SeungGi moments.

PD Na impersonation tricks

impersonating KJM

“Girls everywhere in Asia like SeungGi”

credit: dclsg

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7 Responses to 11.01.16 1N2D cuts

  1. shunliwei says:


  2. nomoyepo says:

    each of them wore kolon jackets coz its a gift from our boy seung gi.someone at dclsg tweet .they are so lucky to have seung gi.

  3. chessy03 says:

    :))..daebak episode…but I hope 1n2d wouldn’t be one of those show that only pulls this kind of ep just for the sake of ratings…I hope its not..:))

    • Mei says:

      i don;t think so, bc from the very beginning of this trip it concentrate more one the lives of foreigner worker in different country. so this episode is meant to be more warmth.. ( hope i make sense 🙂

    • rawr says:

      they filmed it on Christmas, so it was supposed to be a tearjerker. probably one of the best episodes ever. reminds me of the time they went to the Mapado grandparents.

    • 1n2dfansubs says:

      @chessy03: this particular trip focuses on fostering understanding between Korean citizens and foreign workers. It was meant to give them a voice where cultural, religious and language barriers are not easily broken.

      If it was for the sake of ratings, this show would have opened up its programming and cast to many other possibilities a long time ago.

      I think your comments were unkind to not only the show, Seunggi, but also the foreign workers who appeared in it.

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