11.01.20 News Tidbits

SeungGi is at the Strong Heart recording today. Some fans are there to deliver birthday gifts (from SeungSunLove Cafe and China Cafe). Here’s a picture from the set:

http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/474/viewimagefg.jpg credit: dclsg

I wonder if they’re recording a Valentine’s Day special. Look at all those hearts! And the Strong Heart mascot in a shiny track suit. Is the cast of Secret Garden on the show today?

Everything I’m about to write here is rumors I’ve read or heard, so please take it with not just a grain, but a boulder of salt. 😛

Like SeungGi has hinted in his interviews, he will likely star in a sageuk drama this year. There are currently two projects that have pretty much finished casting. The Korean fans seem to have a preference over the one that’s adapted from a novel. Hook’s initial plan was a drama in the first half of the year, then an album in the second half. But the drama has been postponed until the latter half, which is actually better if you think ahead to the awards season. (Seriously, if MGIG was aired later in the year, I’m pretty sure it would have won many more awards. Timing really seems to be everything.)

Anyway, that means SeungGi’s 5th album will likely come out during the 1st half of the year. There have been different rumors floating around, but the latest one is suggesting a release date of February 24. Which seems to a little rushed. But who knows? Last year when the news of the Hope concert first broke, it was said that SeungGi was working on his concert AND an album. So the new album might really be released soon. Can’t wait! 😀

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