The Saem Fan Signing

So, it has been confirmed that the fan signing event will be held at 2pm on Sunday, January 30 at the Gwangbok-dong store in Busan.

Click to enlarge the poster, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s HUGE! 😛

credit: the saem

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4 Responses to The Saem Fan Signing

  1. sha_cha says:

    lol, it’s surely HUGE!

  2. Fave says:

    I went to Korea last Dec and bought some stuff from the Saem, asked for LSG’s poster but they ran out and gave me 2 of the above postcards instead. Was also given a number of free gifts and samples too, must say the sales staff were rather generous !

    • yon says:

      Which outlet did you go? I went in end nov and in busan or seoul, they still have the poster. actually they have 2 kinds of poster, but only 1 type left. So maybe in Dec, the 2nd type also finished giving out…hehe…

      Those who went in nov were able to get postcards, posters, samples,etc. Actually the post cards are free to take…. need not buy to have it. Poster wise, it depends where you go. Busan outlet actually give out free before you enter the shop.. other shops give to the customer only when they make payment.

      • Fave says:

        Oops, I can’t recall the location of the outlet I went to (thrown away my tour itinerary already). Anyway, I managed to get his Shadow CD poster from an “underground” CD shop (near lotte mart at the Lotte world hotel). The very nice lady boss gave it to me (though I didn’t buy his album) when I mentioned I was his fan and she also muttered something like “he is a good boy” (ha, ha !).

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