11.01.21 1N2D Fanpics

1N2D team visited the Suryeomdong Shelter, which is located in the Seoraksan National Park in Gangwon-do.





credit: dclsg, daum

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4 Responses to 11.01.21 1N2D Fanpics

  1. chessy03 says:

    how many episode have they shot that haven’t been aired? 3/4? they should’ve been given times to rest since the got 6 weeks worth of footage…seung gi looks tired.. 😦

    • tryp96 says:

      SeungGi is actually sick with gastroenteritis. But unfortunately, they don’t really have extra footages lying around. Their last trip is being aired this Sunday. So they have to stick to the biweekly filming schedule.

    • nomoyepo says:

      I think they need to shoot now coz seung gi will go to NEW YORK and just 2 episode that havent aired yet..힘내라 승기야

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