The Many Faces of Lee Seung Gi

With 2 unfortunate incidents (the “calender” and the privacy breach) happening on the same day, I started having serious doubts about Hook’s competence. I thought I could just sleep off my ill feelings toward Hook, but it didn’t work.

What did help make me feel better were these nice collages of SeungGi. How can anyone stay upset looking at these adorable faces?

And a bonus picture from the official “calender”:

credit: dclsg

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5 Responses to The Many Faces of Lee Seung Gi

  1. Gen Wong says:

    Aside from the “Calender”, next month is “Februry”…omg, no Quality Inspection??? Poor Seunggi, I hope you made the right decision to work with Hook for many more years. I hope that your fans love you so much so that they can bear with the many boo-boo’s of your beloved Hook…because I have a strong feeling this is not the last. Andwemnida! Daeng! Shilpae!

  2. reglest says:

    Tryp, I think I’ll save those adorable faces. You know, for some later use if I got angry or sad, I think his face is the only cure. hehehe

  3. Delima says:

    Can you write a official letter to Hook Entertainment regarding this matter,please! 2 misspelling
    in this calendar an the whole world would see it!I cannot accept it. How unprofesional of them.If the fan ignore this matter,in the future this matter will happen again.

    • nomoyepo says:

      aigoo some people here feeling perfect but his/her spelling also mispelled.its not a big deal anyway..

    • tryp96 says:

      The Korean fans have been voicing their concerns in this and many other matters to Hook all along. But the problem is that Hook doesn’t seem to care much about fans’ concerns. That’s why there’s always a lot of tension between Hook and the fans, and that’s why SeungGi always has to ask the fans to be more understanding and supportive of Hook.

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