11.01.23 1N2D cuts

*6 clips so far*

SeungGi and puzzle

“SeungGi is here!”

SeungGi filling in the puzzle

the singer alliance?

bad hyungs (with nice and fitting background music though :P)

the master of puzzle

credit: dclsg

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6 Responses to 11.01.23 1N2D cuts

  1. shunliwei says:

    Is fastest ,toay…….

  2. djl says:

    AWWW so sad, when they were bullying seung gi and his puzzle fell. but cute when he was fixing it.

  3. nisa says:

    aww~ thats so mean of them lol!
    his laugh when he was with jiwon was really cute ;))

  4. K4Ice4Thu says:

    This looks like its going to be a pretty fun episode!
    Seung Gi’s hearty laugh is just so cute & infectious and his love for his puzzle ahaha.
    Bad Hyungs indeed!

  5. Lili says:

    ha ha, love the 3rd clip…love his mischievous smile here when he asked for the pen…he is the epitome of cuteness lol

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