11.01.24 News Tidbits

There have been rumors that SeungGi will be officially debuting in Japan in February and he might appear on the Japanese drama starring KARA. Now some fans are saying that a Hook personnel let it slip (?) that SeungGi really will be debuting in Japan soon, and they’ve already picked a management agency. Credit: yaoyaoyufei


A dclsg fan who lives on Jeju Island heard from some people she knows that SeungGi was there filming. He reportedly showed up with some filming vehicle, and also enjoyed fishing on a boat. No one was allowed to take pictures, but they got SeungGi’s autograph.

It’s not clear what SeungGi was filming. But some dclsg fans were saying there would be a new Zipel CF out soon. Not sure if they are related. 😛


11.01.23 Nielsen ratings: #2 Happy Sunday 25 (Seoul 26.6) [1n2d rerun not in top 20]

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