1N2D Lee Seung Gi, restoring broken puzzle stitch by stitch ‘meticulous artistic soul’

Thanks to HoDong and SuGeun’s sabotage, SeungGi’s new love, the puzzle, was broken into pieces. SeungGi managed to recover most of the pieces, and the competitive spirit in him even made him piece the puzzle back together. He said that back in his heyday, he could easily do a 500-piece puzzle. 😆 Unfortunately, with a few pieces missing, he couldn’t accomplish his mission. So he came up with the genius idea to draw in the missing pieces himself! When PD Na saw his artistic work, the caption on the screen was “Amazing SeungGi!” But SeungGi still lost. 😦

source: tvdaily, reviewstar
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to 1N2D Lee Seung Gi, restoring broken puzzle stitch by stitch ‘meticulous artistic soul’

  1. AnnMichelle says:

    I know it’s all for good fun (and good TV) but I still cannot stand to watch the others beat on Seung Gi! No matter what! Have not reached that part yet – not sure I am able to finish this episode.

  2. purple1n2d says:

    I thought it was so amazing that he could piece together the puzzle while just on the way to the base camp. It was difficult bcos he was in a moving vehicle and he had to refer to the back of the puzzle for reference. He must have been really good then. I wont be surprise if that puzzle is selling like hot cake in Korea.

  3. joannalissa says:

    Seung Gi never fails to amaze me in everything that he does.. How lucky his parents could be? Ha! And I agree with you AnnMichelle, I just can’t stand the casts anymore when they keep on picking on our Seung Gi.. poor Seung Gi.. they knew they just can’t get ahead of him when the game’s played fairly.. 😆

  4. liliyh says:

    where can i watch this episode..please help me..i want to watch it so much

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