11.01.26 News Tidbits

A new page for SeungGi’s schedule has been added. The link is right under SeungGi’s cool banner. 🙂

Tweet from SBSPD:

Even with the Korea-Japan soccer match, a miraculous rating of 12.6. Thanks once again to all the viewers. I’ll work even harder.

What a relief. Even with the big soccer game broadcasting at the same time, Strong Heart’s ratings stayed in double digits. 😛

11.01.25 Strong Heart Nielsen ratings: 10.9 (Seoul 12.6)

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1 Response to 11.01.26 News Tidbits

  1. chessy03 says:

    the episode was epic…thats why..lol…I lol watchin yesterdays SH…even the drama athena ratings plumetted to single digit becoz of the soccer game…SH is amazing.. 🙂

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