Sincere and Smart Image NO. 1… The Saem Model Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi has been highly active as a model in various fields such as cosmetics, foods, and appliances. Being highly active in acting, singing, and entertaining as well, he has been singled out as the representative UmChinAh.

In addition to his smart image, he also has such great appeal with his sincere and friendly image that he’s been chosen as the representative male entertainer who’s wanted as a son-in-law.

The Saem is the cosmetics brand that selected the all-around handsome man Lee Seung Gi. It has stated that Lee Seung Gi’s wholesome image of modesty and sincerity is a good fit for The Saem’s brand concept of pursuing the essence of beauty.

The ‘Gem Miracle Diamond Cutting V 10C Lifting Serum’ introduced by Lee Seung Gi through CF has been called the ‘Lee Seung Gi Serum’ and has become very popular among the consumers, and it has become the best-selling product. Thanks to the high popularity, The Saem has now opened over 63 shops and continues to thrive.

source: ajnews
English translation:
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1 Response to Sincere and Smart Image NO. 1… The Saem Model Lee Seung Gi

  1. Gen Wong says:

    New Saem CF please! Seunggi was always so dapper and sexy in their CFs. By the way, the rumored release of the new Pizza Hut CF is due tomorrow. Hope it’s not just a rumor! Waiting!

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