11.01.29 News Tidbits

Vote for SeungGi here (the first one on the list):


Year of Rabbit star whose activities are highly anticipated in the new year

Wow, KYC’s tweet actually made the news, and SeungGi’s comment was in the headline. 😛

Kim Young Chul, photo of TOP parody revealed ‘Isn’t this Einstein?’

“He was imitating TOP’s unique hairstyle and clothes. But Lee Seung Gi said he looked more like Einstein than TOP, and drew a lot of laughter.”

source: isplus


Tweet from CalebYC (Kim Young Chul):

Kang Shim Jang… TOP parody ㅎ I was made fun of as an old man during this… In the end, SeungGi said, “You look like Einstein.” ㅎ



The rumor is that SeungGi will be filming a new Zipel CF today and tomorrow. With a young female model.

A dclsg fan’s comment:

It absolutely can not be a newlywed concept. (SeungGi is not even old enough yet, right? ^^) Ddaeng~!!!! ㅋㅋ

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