Jung Bo Suk, “Lee Seung Gi would have a hard time gaining popularity 20 years ago”

Now, I’m digging through the old news again… 😛

Jung Bo Suk is a veteran actor who recently starred in the hit drama Giant. During his guest appearance on Strong Heart, He talked about how the standards of beauty would change over time. He said 20 years ago, people liked rough guys; and if HoDong debuted a little earlier, he would have been considered handsome although not completely handsome. So HoDong of course had to drag SeungGi into this.

He asked Jung BoSuk how SeungGi would do as an actor 20 years ago. Jung BoSuk said, “Well, right now, isn’t he really cool and overflowing with charms? But if he started out 20 years ago, it would be difficult for him.” The caption reads, “21st century-type pretty boy: flower boy face and beastly body!” 😆 SeungGi agreed, saying that all the staff had told him that he was born in the right generation. Caption: I am the 21st century type (pretty boy).

source: tvreport
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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1 Response to Jung Bo Suk, “Lee Seung Gi would have a hard time gaining popularity 20 years ago”

  1. Gen Wong says:

    I just realized I am so lucky to be born in this generation…had I been born earlier or in the future, I wouldn’t have known this wonderful and really great guy!

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