Kim Seo Hyeong, coveting the Best Couple Award “Obviously better than Shin Min Ah – Lee Seung Gi couple”

Hmm, what can I say? I guess it’s not too surprising since this episode’s theme was “CRAZY presence.”

Kim Seo Hyeong was another one of the cast members from Giant who appeared on Strong Heart on January 25. HoDong introduced her by saying there was an award she wanted but was won by SeungGi. SeungGi felt sorry but didn’t know which award she was referring to since he won so many of them. 😆 It turned out to be the Best Couple Award the hoi couple won.

Kim Seo Hyeong said she was very honored to have worked with the respected sunbae actor Lee Deok Hwa; and with a 24 year age difference between them, she thought they were a very special couple, “obviously more so than the MinAh & SeungGi couple.” So she was disappointed for not winning the award.

HoDong turned around and asked SeungGi if he expected to win. SeungGi said honestly, he knew the hoi couple would win even though there were lots of good drama productions after MGIG ended. Of course, it was a popularity vote, and everyone knows how well loved the hoi couple was. 😀

source: newsen, maxmovie
English translation/summary:
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