Stalking The Saem Fan Signing in Busan

SeungGi took a 4:30pm flight from the Gimhae Airport back to Seoul.


Some random tweets:

Because of Lee Seung Gi’s fan signing in Nampo-dong, the area is in a state of paralysis with a sea of people. ㅎ The flower young man is turning Nampo-dong upside down. ㅋ

Lee Seung Gi came to Busan again. ㅋ Because of his fan signing, the Nampo-dong area is paralyzed. ㅋㅋ


SeungGi’s autograph for DC gallery: (credit: dclsg)


The fan signing has already ended (at 3:10 pm). Let’s hope some fans managed to take pictures/videos. 😛


SeungGi will be flying back to Seoul today. There are already fans waiting at the airport.


Lucky fans! A lot of them are getting two (!) autographs today. One on the official poster, one on their personal items.


Looks like they have the crowd under control with some help from the police: (credit: dclsg)


Unfortunately, because of the lack of free time, no pictures or questions are allowed. Only signings.
A lot of fans brought CDs for SeungGi to sign.


Nampo-dong area currently paralyzed (due to the crowd of fans).


The fan signing has started.
SeungGi arrived looking shabang shabang, wearing a black suit and a black hat.
There are lots of fans gathered at the scene.
Because he has something else scheduled later today, the fan signing will only last 1 hour.


Fans camping outside in the freezing cold: (credit: dclsg)


It’s quite an early start, isn’t it? 😛

There were already over 10 fans waiting in line at 7pm KST on January 29.

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