11.01.30 1N2D cuts

*OK, I’m stopping at cut #18. I guess it’s probably better to just watch the whole show this time. 😆 *

I fell asleep waiting for 1N2D and missed the show, so I still need to catch up on what exactly happened. And there are 3 dclsg fans posting cuts right now, so there might be some overlap in the clips.

SeungGi trying to wake up HoDong-sshi

SeungGi making sure HoDong is still alive 😆


rapper SeungGi

SeungGi’s puzzle drawing

SeungGi eating ice cream in the freezing cold

morning mission (video/audio out of sync :()

SeungGi still trying to wake up his hyungs

SeungGi trying out the spatula

SeungGi grooming himself

SeungGi losing a game


SeungGi losing a game again

Hip Hop Time (rapper SeungGi, better video)

SeungGi eating ice cream (better video)

foodie SeungGi

SeungGi’s letter to his hyungs

SeungGi bidding goodbye to his sleeping hyungs

credit: dclsg

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2 Responses to 11.01.30 1N2D cuts

  1. shunliwei says:


  2. ashiya says:

    yeah~ so many seunggi footage in this episode.
    if you continue to upload, maybe it will be almost one hour at length 😀

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