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11.01.30 The Saem Fan Signing Fanpics

*15 photos so far* Why were they so strict on fans taking pictures? 😦 Hopefully more to come…

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11.01.30 1N2D cuts

*OK, I’m stopping at cut #18. I guess it’s probably better to just watch the whole show this time. 😆 * I fell asleep waiting for 1N2D and missed the show, so I still need to catch up on what … Continue reading

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Stalking The Saem Fan Signing in Busan

SeungGi took a 4:30pm flight from the Gimhae Airport back to Seoul.

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Inkigayo PIA Photos

These are some pictures from the 2010 Hope Concert that were published in the Japanese magazine, Inkigayo PIA.

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11.01.29 Zipel CF Filming

So I guess it’s not just a rumor. 😛

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11.01.29 News Tidbits

Vote for SeungGi here (the first one on the list): Year of Rabbit star whose activities are highly anticipated in the new year

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Kim Seo Hyeong, coveting the Best Couple Award “Obviously better than Shin Min Ah – Lee Seung Gi couple”

Hmm, what can I say? I guess it’s not too surprising since this episode’s theme was “CRAZY presence.”

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Jung Bo Suk, “Lee Seung Gi would have a hard time gaining popularity 20 years ago”

Now, I’m digging through the old news again… 😛

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2004 Mnet Showcumentary

A lot of old videos lately 😛 credit: dclsg

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2006 Mnet Show Top

SeungGi crying after winning #1 on M! Countdown for “Words Hard to Say”: credit: dclsg

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