My first ever stalk attempt ended in…

Utter failure.

Well, almost…

First of all, let me wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year!

credit: iGo_Seung (taken by another fan)

It was quite a day for me, first with my airport adventure and then trying to celebrate the Lunar New Year properly. I’m afraid that this is not going to be a stellar fan account since I still haven’t fully recovered mentally. 😛 But I hope you can bear with me.

Before I start with my long winded story, I’d like to thank iGo_Seung for all her help, without which my airport adventure wouldn’t have been possible. She was actually the one who first broke the news to me that SeungGi was coming to New York as a special guest at Lee Sun Hee’s concert.

I guess it all started late last year when it was reported that Lee Sun Hee would be holding a concert at Carnegie Hall in the coming February. Because she had been making a lot of public appearances (concert, fan meeting, music show) with SeungGi, I was really hoping that she would ask SeungGi to be a guest at her concert as well, and it even became my new year wish. But I told iGo_Seung that I would consider going to the concert even if SeungGi didn’t come, but only if I could get away from my work. The problem was that my boss liked to get our vacation requests way in advance or she wouldn’t honor them. So it really depended on how early the concert date would be announced. Fortunately, it was early enough, and iGo_Seung actually also found out there was a good chance SeungGi would be coming, so she told me and of course I was super excited. So I sent in my vacation request before the deadline, and also asked her to help reserve the concert ticket.

As the date drew near, she asked me if I would be interested in welcoming SeungGi at the airport if she could find out the flight info. Of course I was tempted, but I didn’t know if I could actually go through with it. I mean, I’d never done it before, and I was pretty sure I’d be too old for something crazy like that. 😆 Anyway, I kept debating about it. But iGo_Seung kept me updated. At first the rumor was that SeungGi would arrive on Feb 1st, so when I planned my vacation, I made sure I would arrive in NYC before that. Later on, news articles came out that the Hook entourage would leave Korea on Feb 2nd, and fans somehow found out that they would take the morning flight and arrive in NYC around 10am. Armed with all the information, all I had to do was to show up at the airport. I was still debating even the day before, but I finally convinced myself that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I would more likely regret it if I didn’t show up. So I started planning the specifics, and I even rehearsed the scene in my head many times.

This is how it was supposed to play out:

I would wait by the terminal exit. Once I saw SeungGi’s good-looking face, I would turn on my SeungSunLove lightstick (given to me by iGo_Seung) and start waving it in my left hand and calling out SeungGi’s name to get his attention. I would also start taking pictures with a camera in my right hand. Then when he got closer, I would hand him my gift, and say, “Welcome to New York and good luck with the concert tomorrow.” And if I was lucky enough, he would shake my hand. And I would be in fangirls’ heaven. 😆
Let me just say, things did not exactly go as planned (or should I say, as fantasized?). 😛

I was getting so excited the night before, I couldn’t fall asleep. I kept checking on the flight status. There were actually 2 flights from Seoul scheduled to arrive around 10am. One was Asiana Airline, and it was ahead of its schedule. The other one was Korean Air, and it was behind schedule. Their arrival terminals were also different. I double checked with iGo_Seung who said it should be the Korean Air flight. I eventually fell asleep at around 5am and I was supposed to get up at 8am to get everything ready. Of course I overslept, and everything had to be rushed. To make things worse, the area was hit with an ice storm the night before. When I watched the news, it was talking about how bad the traffic situation was, but the subways were supposedly running on time. So I decided to take subways to save some hassles, and hopefully get to the airport on time.

For the gift, I bought something before I came to NYC but we’re actually planning to give gifts to SeungGi as a group, so I had to think of something else. I guess the typical thing to buy would be flowers, but I didn’t know if I would get to meet SeungGi for sure, and I didn’t want to keep carrying some flowers back and forth. So I decided to get something less conspicuous. 😆 Some fans were planning a small event for the concert, and were going to get some famous cupcakes as a part of it, but the plan was scratched when we found out that Carnegie Hall did not allow outside food/drinks even for staff members. Anyway, that was how I got the idea to buy some cupcakes for SeungGi to snack on.

The subway train was running on time, but the AirTrain going to JFK was NOT. I waited forever for it to show up and was really worried that I would miss SeungGi. But fortunately (for me at least), SeungGi’s flight was also delayed. By the time I got to the terminal exit, it seemed that no passengers had come out yet. I looked around to see if there were other fans there. On one side of the exit, there was a group of people who didn’t seem like the typical fans; with quite a few older guys, but a couple of them carrying flowers. So I assumed that they were from the radio station that sponsored and organized the concert. On the side where I was standing, there were a few middle-aged ladies who could be fans, but no one looked as obvious as I did, with a big camera and a lightstick hanging from my neck. 😆 Anyway, I found a good spot with a clear view of the exit door, and started waiting.

There WAS a mysterious young lady standing right next to me. At first, I thought she might be a fan, but she didn’t seem interested in making small talks, and I’m actually not good at it either, so I didn’t try to find out. But later, an older couple came up to her and started conversing in Korean. I didn’t understand anything they were saying, but I heard SeungGi’s name! So I butted in, and asked them if they were there to see SeungGi. The older couple gave me a blank look, but the young lady had an interesting reaction. She said, “OMG, I didn’t know.” I thought she meant she didn’t know there would be other fans there, so I asked her if she was a fan, and thought maybe I could find out where she hanged out online. 😛 But she didn’t answer my question, and just kept saying, “Oh, I didn’t know.” At the time, I didn’t think too much of her reaction. But later on, I became more curious. She was obviously there to see SeungGi, but she was not part of the radio station group, and she didn’t seem like a typical fan since she wouldn’t even answer the simple question of whether or not she was a fan. There aren’t many other possibilities, are there? She’s likely someone who knows SeungGi personally. Could it have been his sister, who we know likes to keep her relationship with SeungGi under wraps. Unfortunately, I did not take a good look at her face and I can’t tell you if she looked like SeungGi or not. And she mysteriously disappeared soon after our conversation. So who knows?

Back to waiting. People started filing out, but there was no sign of SeungGi. I thought as celebrities, he and Teacher would get some special treatment and be able to come out sooner. But that didn’t seem to be the case. So I started thinking maybe they would wait until the end when the crowd had cleared. So I took my eyes off the exit door and started playing with my camera. As time went on, I was feeling more and more nervous, and my hands were even starting to shake a little bit. So I thought maybe I should change my camera settings to help take decent pictures despite my unsteady hands. When I was playing around, I would still look up frequently to check on the exit. Then I saw SeungGi!!!

I first saw his small head almost hidden under his baseball cap, and he was standing very tall. And I thought, OMG, it’s SeungGi!!! But then I saw him pushing a luggage cart with lots of luggage, I had to stop and ask myself if it was really him. Why was he pushing his own luggage?! But then I remembered the picture of him at the Incheon Airport, and he was wearing the same outfit. So it had to be him. Anyway, I was just totally excited, and couldn’t believe that he was standing so close to me. Even though there was a large distance between the exit door and the waiting area, trust me, it was MUCH closer than that between the stage and my seat at the Hope Concert. 😆

The reality of finally seeing SeungGi up close eventually dawned on me, and that was when my mind went totally blank from the big shock. I forgot to wave my lightstick, and forgot to call out SeungGi’s name. Fortunately, my hands remembered to click the camera shutter button. But because of all the special settings I was playing around with, the camera was taking a series of shots at once and then processing them into a single photo, which was an unbelievably long process. While the camera was still shuttering away, I noticed someone walking right in front of me, and it was Teacher SunHee! I guess she had come out of the exit door earlier and I wasn’t paying attention. I tried to take her picture, but by the time my camera was ready for the next shot, she already walked past me, and I could only see her back. I was too flustered to be able to maneuver with the camera settings again, so I just kept pressing the shutter button in frustration, hoping that SeungGi would somehow be captured in the photos nice and clear, which obviously did not happen (as you’ve already seen).

Since I did not manage to get SeungGi’s attention, I walked around the crowd to the exit area trying to intercept him on his way out. By the time I saw him again, I think he’d already met with the radio station people. He was just standing there with his luggage cart in front of him still, but he was looking either down or sideways. I’d already been told to stop taking pictures, so I was just staring at him. My mind was still blank, and I couldn’t think of anything to say to him. But he was standing SO close to me. The only thing standing between us was the luggage cart!!! I finally remembered the bag of gift I was holding, so I put it on his luggage. He finally looked up. Even though I was still mute (I opened my mouth, but nothing would come out), it was obvious that was a gift for him, so he smiled at me!!!!!! Please don’t ask me how small his face was, how good-looking he was, or how heart-melting his smile was, because I don’t have an answer to those questions. Everything became a big blur.

I’ve always been told that I seem to have a good photographic memory, and even though it’s not as sharp anymore with aging, but it had never failed me like it did at that moment. I honestly can not remember his smiling face that was right in front of my eyes. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

After that, the big group started filing out of the terminal. I followed them closely and got to stare at SeungGi’s back for quite a while. Someone else had taken his luggage cart, and he was only carrying a bag on his right shoulder. When they reached outside, they were looking around for their rides. I was again surprised. There was no limo waiting outside, just a few cars and vans. SeungGi was looking for his ride, and I was still staring at his back. But I think the problem was that I was still holding my camera even though I hadn’t taken any pictures. There had been people saying “No Pictures” in both English and Korean since the beginning. But this Hispanic-looking guy kept pushing me aside, saying he was a police officer and wanted me to go away. Completely rude. I said I wasn’t doing anything, just watching. He was like, “You can watch from far away.” By the time he escorted me to a “safe distance”, SeungGi had found his ride, which was a white (or silver?) SUV. He got in, and I think Teacher SunHee was also in the SUV, and they sped off.

In an icy weather like this, I really wasn’t interested in some wild car chase, so instead of hailing a cab, I left and headed toward the train station. And this was how my first ever stalk attempt came to an end. And no, I did not find out which hotel he would be staying at. 😛

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24 Responses to My first ever stalk attempt ended in…

  1. Suria says:

    I have a daughter Seung Gi’s age and I started to become sort of fan since MGIG. I don’t understand why he attracts me. He’s not really that good looking, however, it’s his humbleness and diligence that inspire me. I’m a Canadian Chinese and I don’t understand Korean at all, but I’m crazy about 1N2D now. I hope you have a good trip in NYC and enjoy the concert tonight.

    • Eunice says:

      Just to let you know that according to many fan accounts and a first hand account from my airen friend, Seung gi is actually very handsome in person. At least 80% better looking then on TV. After seeing him in person she said that from now on she will never said he is not good looking 🙂

      As for tryp, don’t worry his look will come back to you when you attend the concert in a few hours time 🙂 and Especially when you start watching him on tv after
      the concert. I believe you will be like other fans who had seen him in person keke!

    • Eunice says:

      According to many fan account and a first hand account from my airen friend, Seung gi is actually very good looking. He is at least 60% better looking than on tv.My airen friend said that from now on she will never says that Seung gi is not good looking. 🙂

      As for tryp, don’t worry I believe the memory of his look will come back when you attend the concert later on. And you be able to see the different once you get a chance to watch him on tv after the concert. Looking forward to more of your account later on. Take care and God bless you!

      • Yon says:

        Not sure if Eunice is talking about me,hehe..

        I can vouch that he is not photogenic. Before I saw him personally and upclose, I always post that he is not good looking but someone who has x-factor that makes us like him..but there are fans who saw him before commented that he looks handsome in person.. I still didn’t want to believe..

        When I finally has a chance, I was shocked. He is really good looking! In the past I treat him like a younger brother but not anymore, I treat him as a MAN now 🙂

        You have to see him personally to know how me and tryp feels when we saw him upclose on different encounters.

  2. says:

    hi tryp!
    that’s nice you got to see him SO CLOSE!!
    don’t worry about your first stalk attemp was not as you planned! Just catching him in time in the airport is lucky enough for you!
    And I wonder how I would respond if I see him close like you did! LOL

  3. ay says:

    Thanks for the detailed account. Your stalk attempt was far from a failure. I am really grateful to you for letting us see and know what happened. Hope you will have a great time at the concert and look forward to hearing more from you in the next few days.

  4. junie says:

    whoa Tryp thanks for this detailed account! i guess i can understand how you feel! usually fan stalking/meeting your idol wouldn’t turn out as what we fantasized especially for the first time since you never know what to expect! i can still remember how…unsuccessful i was trying talk to Seunggi when i was at the saem fan sign event last dec. i prepared a whole paragraph of things that i wanted to tell him in Korean but after greeting him in Korean, i blanked out and started speaking in English lol. my memory of his face close up is also very blurred because i was too nervous and not registering much of what i’m seeing. i just remember that everything felt like a dream and i felt like i was still watching Seunggi on TV >..<

    Hope you enjoy the concert later!! Have a fun time! :))

  5. Lili says:

    Thanks to share with us your wonderful experience and believe me I think your first attempt is far from being a failure… I’d die if I were this close to him lol (I’ve been to his Hope concert last year and it was an unforgettable day though I was not this close :D)
    Stalking someone isn’t easy and shy as I am, I don’t think I’d be able to do such a thing actually ha ha so I have to praise you for your courage…and enjoy to the fullest your day of course 😀
    Thanks again.

  6. joen says:

    Hi tryp,
    I can feel your excitement and thrill in your writing…thanks for sharing it!
    You are so lucky to meet him face to face and look at his smiling handsome face…and he smile only for you! OMG!!!If I were you I may not only mute there…may be I just faint because overexcited! hahaha
    Anyway, I’m sure you will have a good time at the concert tomorrow…have fun! 🙂

  7. joannalissa says:

    oh how lucky you are tryp to be so close to Seung Gi!. my heart was beating so fast as i was reading the part where you were playing with your camera settings and saw Seung Gi almost right next to you until he drove off. it’s like i am feeling your excitement the moment you saw him (up close that is !) ugh.. i would be stunned and speechless too if iwas to see him in person, for sure.. it happens to me too when you think too much of someone’s face, you tend to forget how he really looks.. keke.. and please do not consider it a failure.. i so love your fan account.. thanks for sharing them! looking forward to your upcoming fan accounts.. please stay safe. 🙂

  8. shunliwei says:






  9. diamonds says:

    hi tryp, lucky you 🙂
    by this time, i think the concert is going to begin, hope that everything is as successful as planned, waiting for your next fan account about the concert 😛

    omo, i really want to know the mysterious girl you talked about, because i’m curious to death who is a blessed girl that become sister of uri Seunggi? huhu, i want to see her face..
    hope that some candid will show her face up when spending some precious time with his lovely oppa :’)

  10. Gen Wong says:

    OMG, the ultimate fangirl experience! That was a great story, detailed and VERY ENGAGING. Like I was watching a movie. Good for you. You more than anyone deserve a moment like that with Seunggi! You make us fans excited and really happy with all your Seunggi updates and news! Enjoy the concert!

  11. Eunice says:

    Yes yon I was talking about you. Keke! And sorry tryp I double post. 🙂

  12. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear Tryp,
    After reading your account I was thinking you seemed to have the worst luck in gadgets – just like me. Then when I was preparing lunch, I thought about you giving SG the cupcakes and how appreciative he would be after such a long, tiring flight. I imagined ME giving him some food, and, all of a sudden, I had this huge blush, as if SG was standing right in front of me. I think right then I felt about 1% of your ‘everything blurring’ moment.

  13. Yon says:

    Hi tryp, if I’m there I would have made you chase his vehicle with me,hehe..

    In my country, 1-2cars chasing the star vehicle is nothing..usually it’s 6-10cars chasing them and each van has about 6-8 fans.. Because our country is so small its not difficult to know where they stay… Not that we like to stalk the star but they don’t come often, i could understand fans chasing them throughout their trip.

    I think the concert should be over now? Stay on till the end, as it looks like seung gi will always be beside teacher lee seon hee…

  14. kris3378 says:

    OMG I loved reading your account! I felt like it could be me going through what you went through. So envious of you to get to see him in person and so close. Although you may not have photo’s the images will be etched in your mind forever…lucky girl!

  15. Dimples says:

    Oh Tryp, thank you so very much for sharing your experience with us. I can feel your excitement! 🙂 I think it’s not only you who was shocked at the that moment when you were in front of SeungGi. He was also in shock that’s why he was not able to even say “thank you” for your gift. We all know how appreciative he is to all his fans but maybe he was not expecting a fan in JFK Airport to see him much more give a gift! Hence, he was tongue-tied. 🙂

    Probably you can’t sleep tonight but still you have to take your rest. 🙂 We hope to read more of your fan account(s) though. 🙂 Take care and have safe flight back home.

  16. rc says:

    Lucky you. A funny & detailed account (truly enjoyable to read) of your memorable encounter with LSG. Like Suria, I do not find him that handsome compared to the other Korean actors but it is that aura that emanates from him. He seems to be a good, sincere, warm & humble person that draws people to him.
    Cannot wait for your next story.

  17. Kukilas says:

    OMG, Tryp! I only got to read your fan account now cause its been a busy week. I can only imagine how you must have felt during this whole experience. Its Murphy’s Law that just when you least expect it, that’s when something will happen. Just as you are fiddling with your camera, that’s when he appears. Still, getting to be so close to him and give him your gifts must have made you feel so good. I can understand you blanking out, and now that time has passed, I am sure there are many things you wish you could have said, but at least you saw him, gave your gift, and got a smile in return, which shows that he appreciated what you gave him. I am sure he was happy in the SUV, when he got to see and eat the cupcakes. Did you get him some from the Magnolia Bakery?

    One day, all the stars will align and you’ll get another chance to tell him whatever you wanted to in person. ^^

  18. judepps says:

    Tryp, after i got back from 2days of rest from work i immediately jump in to your fan account since before that rest i read a tidbits about your stalking experience with just pix of Seunggi @ JFK airport..
    Just read now about your stalking fan account.. & i feel super sooo envious with you… so don’t say it’s a failure… Actually it’s a great time experience seeing him in person…

    While reading your fan account, i feel like it was me on your shoes.. whoa!!! it blown me away when i read the part where you automatically blank after you saw him face to face.. and when you put your present in his luggage with out uttering any words and to his surprised he just smiled at you..

    While reading the part of the young lady you had encountered @JFK airport while waiting for him i had a hunch that maybe it could been his sister.. hahaha

    Since a lot of fans had saw him in person that he’s really good looking @ person
    I couldn’t imagine myself if it was me at that situation.. Maybe i will faint.. hahahaha
    I wonder when i have to get a chance seeing him in person but reading all the fan account from those who’ve seen him in person esp. you tryp makes me dying to see Seunggi in person.. but i really dnt know if this wish of mine will had a chance to come true.. I just hope i could see him in person before my hair gets grey…

    I’ve just noticed all fan girls were here to read your first stalking account.. (eunice,haart,dimples,kulilas, etc…)

    tryp congratulations!!!

  19. icesee says:

    Wow! I have chills now! THAT WAS A SUPERB FAN ACCOUNT! At least he saw your gift! Hihi! Congrats Tryp! Hope I can have the same fun experience!
    – Camille/ilove1n2d

  20. Hi Gen Wong & tryp, I share the same sentiments shared by Gen Wong that i hope you both get to read this. I saw him during the Vagabond Manila Fan Meet but not very close-from the airport(just one among the silent but super excited fans with banner). Tyrp, your account is truly like a very engaging movie! I am so entertained and praying all throughout and maybe now continuously that you will ever be getting better each time with how you are treating our dear Lee Seung Gi and for my/our happiness. Both of you had been a truly like a welcoming pillow giving me comfort & joy, inspiring to be even more grateful even in this very trying times-hope this will be the most, otherwise, that our Lord will give us the necessary graces to overcome trying times. Words will never describe how grateful I am with everything you are sharing about our dear Lee Seung Gi. Surely your generosity will be rewarded beyond our expectations! Thanks a lot, a lot, a lot, soooo much-praying for your safety & happiness including everyone you love…Granny Elvi from Pasig City, Philippines.

  21. I still would like to send my birthday greetings to our dear Lee Seung Gi-May you have a truly HAPPY BIRTHDAY, with granted cherished wishes (& still to be granted), more birthdays and for the coming days/years-safety & happiness with everyone you love-family, relatives, friends, everyone you work with, and your AIRENS.

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