11.02.15 Strong Heart cut

I have a feeling that SeungGi’s days on Strong Heart are numbered. So let’s enjoy the show while we can.

HeoDang Fairy Tale

credit: tryp96.wordpress

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3 Responses to 11.02.15 Strong Heart cut

  1. joannalissa says:

    hate to admit it but i feel the same way, tryp. if he ever does leave Strong Heart, it will definitely be a sad day for us, but if it’s for his health i’d be very happy for it. Id’ rather see Seung Gi in just one show in perfect health than watching him in too many shows and get sick..

  2. yon says:

    Yes, going to feel sad not able to see him on SH once a week if he is really going to leave soon.

    On the other hand, we didn’t want his health to suffer either.

    But then, from hook’s earlier message, it seems that it was Hook who wants to pull Seung Gi out from the variety shows and not Seung Gi himself. If Seung Gi still insist on appearing as MC on SH till he is called in for national service, then we will still get to see him every week.

    But i will still respect his decision. I hope Seung Gi will be the one making the decision and not Hook.

  3. Gen Wong says:

    I can feel it too. There’s only one Seunggi, he can’t do everything even if he wants to. He will surely get sick, and we all don’t want that to happen. But honestly, I am so glad it’s Strong Heart he’s giving up and not 1n2d. I wonder what will happen to the show, if they will be getting a replacement for Seunggi or if it will go off the air for good.

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