11.02.16 News Tidbits

11.02.15 Strong Heart Nielsen ratings: 15.2 (Seoul 18.3)

11.02.15 Strong Heart TNS ratings: 12.0 (Seoul 15.5)

In light of all the unprofessional news reporting and all the malicious rumor-spreading going on recently, I’ve decided to take a break from translating news articles. After reading the latest one saying that SeungGi will have music activities in Japan in April and then a new Korean drama in July, possibly working with the Hong sisters again, I didn’t feel any excitement and instead, I realized that I’d totally lost my trust in the Korean press and their so-called sources (and a few more people I can’t name here).

SeungGi ya, please stay strong. I believe there’s karma in this world. What goes around comes around. Those backstabbers will eventually get what they deserve.

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1 Response to 11.02.16 News Tidbits

  1. Mei says:

    All we can do now is wait and see (official news )

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