Lee Seung Gi, decision to continue appearing on 1N2D until military service, denying departure rumors (official stance)


1N2D fans, you can now breathe a sigh of relief.

If there’s anything else important in the article, I’ll update it later.

I hope we all learned a lesson in this.

You can read the translated statement at allkpop.

source: newsen

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5 Responses to Lee Seung Gi, decision to continue appearing on 1N2D until military service, denying departure rumors (official stance)

  1. Dimples says:

    OMG! Tryp, thank you so much for updating us immediately! Like SeungGi, you’re an angel to International Airens! I’ve been waiting for this great news!

    My tears are falling! I am soooo happy! Oh, I don’t know what to say now!

    Thank you SeungGi, thank you Hook. At least I still have few years more to watch SeungGi in 1n2d! I can’t really imagine the show without him!

  2. sha_cha says:

    OMG, so happy to read this article!

  3. Suria says:

    I’m in Toronto and this morning when I was on the subway, I glimpsed a Korean newspaper with Seunggi on the cover. I recognize his face and only his name in Korean. I think may be it’s about his staying at 1N2D until his military service. It’s good to know.

    Wonder if he would be scared that he has fans all over the world. Fans of all ages and nationalities.

  4. joannalissa says:

    i know we’re all so happy knowing that he’s not leaving 1N2d. I just hope it was his own personal decision (which i presume so) and was not pressured by freaking netizens..

  5. kris3378 says:

    After reading Hook’s statement I’m ashamed and embarrassed to have gotten wrapped up and upset about all the rumors of LSG leaving and advancing to Japan. I feel so bad just thinking of what LSG must have been going through the past few weeks while the press created a frenzy and all the ill comments and thoughts towards LSG. As I write this I’m watching the Brilliant Legacy SBS special that aired in Korea last year (finally airing in Hawaii tonight). This drama was my very first exposure to LSG (I didn’t know who, nor how big a star he was until the 2009 SBS drama awards). I’ve been a fan of his since then and I’ll always be a fan. He’s such a classy guy who doesn’t take any credit for himself …always gives credit to his fellow actors, directors, writers, fans and the rest of his support team. And as reminded to us in Hook’s press release, always considers and put others first before himself (even while enduring hardships that we never see). I wish there were more guys like him in the world. LSG you’re a class act! Mahalo!

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