Na Young Seok PD, “I feel sorry and grateful to Lee Seung Gi for making the difficult decision”


There are too many articles to keep up with. I’m going to stick to the headlines for now.

In another article, PD Na announced that “a new member is coming soon… 90% confirmed”

You can read more update at allkpop.

source: kukinews, newsen

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4 Responses to Na Young Seok PD, “I feel sorry and grateful to Lee Seung Gi for making the difficult decision”

  1. dewi says:

    what do you think the reasons for seunggi to extent his career in Japan (based on your point of view)? I find it so difficult when I read recent news about his departure =((
    really difficult for me tryp,,,

  2. Jac says:

    Hi Tryp,

    I don’t really like to comment on stuff like this since I’m happy just to see Seunggi on screen no matter where and if he had other plans to pursue then I’ll say “good luck” to him. 1N2D may have a lot of viewers but I, for one, watch the show coz of him. So wherever he goes, I goes.. or I watch, I mean. Hehe!

    What I don’t understand is the plan for his Japan debut or how Korean artists feel like debuting in Japan is a big deal. We’re such a global world already that people all over the world are big fans already. They should be targeting a world-wide fan base within Korea. Like his website, I registered but I can’t sign in. When I asked, they said I have to give a proof that I am who I am. I didn’t bother anymore. I can read your updates! Big hug for Tryp!!

    But whatever he decides, I’ll support! Let us just support him quietly! Asa, asa, fighting, Seunggi!!


  3. AnnMichelle says:

    As with dewi and Jac, I puzzled over SG/Hook’s decision to branch out to Japan. The only credible reason I heard is that Japan has the world’s 2nd largest music market, only smaller than the US, but bigger than, say, the UK. That fact is interesting in that Japan is pretty much self-contained society. So it means just domestic consumption alone can generate such a huge revenue. (A few Japanese singers tried to break into the US market but most failed.) That makes it so attractive to Korean singers, who have to fight tooth and nail to gain a foothold in their homeland. So, going Japan is not going out into the world; it’s going into a bigger, much bigger, pond.

  4. tryp96 says:

    I’m afraid that everyone is making too big a deal about SeungGi’s activities in Japan, and we really have the malicious rumors to blame. Based on my trustworthy sources (not the Korean press!), Hook actually does NOT have any big plans in place yet. Everything was blown out of proportion by those people with something to gain in the process. 😦

    I can’t share everything I know, but let me just say that the only person we should trust right now is SeungGi (and Hook, by association). Anything you read or hear from anyone else, please take it with a huge grain of salt.

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