Lee Seung Gi Triplets

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were really triplets of SeungGi? 😛 Then he wouldn’t be stuck in this crazy situation right now. Each one of the triplets can assume a different role (the singer, the actor, and the MC/variety star). And everyone would be happy.



credit: dclsg

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1 Response to Lee Seung Gi Triplets

  1. Dimples says:

    LOL! You’re right! It would be really great if there were triplets of SeungGi! He could accept and do most if not all the offers and no one would be jealous (to become an anti). Everybody would be happy, specially us fans because we would be seeing him in all programs of the different tv networks and media. It would be heaven for all Airens!

    If only I’m super rich and powerful, and it’s legal and ethical to clone human, I would do my best and use all my powers to have SeungGi cloned! This world would be better place if filled with SeungGi clones! OMG! I’m getting crazy because of this adorable young man! LOL!

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