11.02.20 Gag Concert

SuGeun showing his love for SeungGi:

credit: dclsg

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3 Responses to 11.02.20 Gag Concert

  1. Fave says:

    Tryp96, what did SuGeun said about SGi? Can you kindly translate ? Thanks so much.

    • lexiese says:

      Very funny, thank you. 😀
      I’ll give it a try. He said ‘don’t you dare mention his name with your filthy mouth. It took me 3 years to get friendly with him.’

      • Dimples says:

        @lexiese thanks. It’s funny indeed. 🙂

        I wish SoGeun can shout those words to the people who wrote “negative things” about SeungGi… or was Sogeun directing those words to them?! Sorry, my bad.

        Tryp, thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

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