Which 1N2D member would you like to travel with?

My answer would be too obvious. 😆

1N2D Lee Seung Gi, #1 member people would like to go on a pension trip with, crowned as ‘Pension Man’

Singer/TV personality Lee Seung Gi is the outright #1 1N2D member people would like to travel with on a pension.

Sundoo Resort conducted a survey for about a month starting on January 24th with 993 participants, asking ‘which person among the 1n2d cast members would you like to leave on a pension trip with?’

Lee Seung Gi (384 votes, 38.6%) was #1, and Kang Ho Dong (238 votes, 23.9%) took the #2 spot. Lee Su Geun (123 votes, 12.3%), Eun Ji Won (118 votes, 11.8%), and Kim Jong Min (116 votes, 11.6%) followed.

A Sundoo Resort official said, “Through this survey, we could see the sense of closeness the public felt toward the 1n2d members.” And “what was interesting was some people even voted for the unknown 6th member.”

The official also stated, “Occupying the #1 spot on the survey, Lee Seung Gi received a lot of love from the public with his exemplary and witty image. Through traveling, we can have an honest talk and recharge our mind and body. Lee Seung Gi’s image seems to go well with a harmless tour like that.”

Source: TVdaily
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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3 Responses to Which 1N2D member would you like to travel with?

  1. Dimples says:

    Uri SeungGi has my vote! It would be great to travel with him!
    Thanks, Tryp! 🙂

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    This is a no brainer, isn’t it? The guy can sing, can dance, can tell funny stories. Does not snore, smells good, looks cute, moves gracefully (well, most of the times)…And, if you are ever stranded, he can get total strangers to give up their shirts and last meals to help you out. But then again, if you ARE stranded with LSG, why would you want anybody’s help???

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