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2011 Official Airen Fan Club Card & Gifts

Uhm, Hook, can you be any more stingy? How about something with SeungGi’s autograph?! (NO, SeungGi doesn’t have to sign every gift. Just print his autograph on something. How hard can that be?)

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11.02.26 News Tidbits

Finally, some SeungGi sightings! Someone posted at dclsg that he went to Naksan Beach because of work (yesterday?) and saw a lot of people gathered there like there was a carnival. He asked and found out that 1n2d was filming. … Continue reading

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2011 S/S FUBU Hoodies – Lee Seung Gi

Sorry for some of the seemingly irrelevant pictures. I was admiring SeungGi’s hands and ended up ripping all the pictures from the website. I swear I’m not doing free promotion for FUBU. 😆

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Samsung Zipel GrandeStyle 840 CF in HD – Lee Seung Gi

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Samsung Zipel Wedding Songs BTS Photos – Lee Seung Gi

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Forbes Korea – Power Celebrity 40

*updated* #4 Lee Seung Gi!!! Congratulations!!!

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