11.02.28 News Tidbits

According to a dclsg fan, SeungGi filmed a new Chung Jung Won CF on Feb 18th.

In the CF, SeungGi becomes a radio DJ and shares some stories of how food made with Chung Jung Won products changed people’s lives:

1. Kid, who used to not talk with Mom, becomes a chatterbox (curry fried rice made with Queen of Curry)

2. Husband, who used to just play with mobile devices at home after work and not even talk with Wife, now passionately confesses love to Wife (Bugeoguk or dried pollack soup made with Matsunsang seasoning)

3. Lover becomes more affectionate and more loving after eating spaghetti (Chung Jung Won Spaghetti with Arrabbiata spaghetti sauce)

Another dclsg fan read on twitter that an Activia CF was being filmed earlier today, but the tweet did not mention who was in the CF. But there’s a rumor that SeungGi has renewed his CF contract with Activia.


11.02.27 Nielsen ratings: #3 Happy Sunday 20 (Seoul 20.1); #20 1n2d rerun 9.2

11.02.27 TNS ratings: #2 Happy Sunday 19.3 (Seoul 22.2); #18 1n2d rerun 9.8 (Seoul 12.0)

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