11.03.01 News Tidbits

11.01.30 The Saem Fan Signing – Fancams updated at 3am PST on 3/1

Some dclsg fans have seen the old PyeongChangSu CF on cable channels very often lately. It probably means that PyeongChangSu has re-signed a CF contract with SeungGi (and they probably didn’t do very well after the last contract ended). Which means we’ll be seeing the SeungGi water bottles again. 😀



Apparently, it was all a misunderstanding.

SeungGi has NOT arrived in Japan yet. There are fans still waiting at the airport.

Thanks to shunliwei for the info. 🙂


According to a dclsg fan who read a Japanese fan’s tweet, SeungGi has arrived at the Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

So the press was actually right about SeungGi’s Japan trip. Wow! 😛

Can’t wait to see fanpics and fancams.

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