Lee Seung Gi certified as HeoDang, ‘HeoDang even during high school’

HeoDang Lee Seung Gi’s ‘heodang’ disposition was the same even during high school.

SBS Good Morning broadcasted on February 28th revealed what Lee Seung Gi was like during high school.

Lee Seung Gi’s ‘heodang anecdote’ was made public surprisingly during an interview with his homeroom teacher from his 1st year of high school.

While reminiscing about Lee Seung Gi, the teacher said, “Even though SeungGi personally chose a gift of clothing for me, I couldn’t wear it at all.”

The reason was “SeungGi brought me clothing that was too big,” she laughed while recalling the story, showing that Lee Seung Gi’s ‘heodang disposition’ was just the same during high school.

Afterwards, netizens reacted with amusement, “HeoDang SeungGi is not just a concept, is it?” “The clothing was really big…!”

You can watch the video here.

Source: star news
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
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