1N2D Na Young Seok PD “can’t help but love” Lee Seung Gi

Haha, PD Na’s radio broadcast made the news! 😀

A Lee Seung Gi related anecdote disclosed by 1N2D’s Na Young Seok PD has become a hot topic among netizens.

…… (The rest of the article is just rephrasing what PD Na said about SeungGi.)

Having confirmed Na Young Seok PD’s story, the netizens were lavish in their praise of Lee Seung Gi, “Just like Lee Seung Gi”, “This is why he’s loved”, “He cannot be disliked”, “It’s touching and stirring. The sincerity really comes through.”

Source: starnews
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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6 Responses to 1N2D Na Young Seok PD “can’t help but love” Lee Seung Gi

  1. Tishi says:

    I remember Seung-gi saying in an episode in 1N2D that his motto is doing things with sincerity. In the entertainment industry, there are not that many whose sincerity translates beyond the camera. Seung-gi really a gem. I hope he’ll always be like that forever.

    • Suria says:

      Totally agree. The love and support from everyone will sustain him. He’s an amazing kid. Hope the younger generation and even society will look up to him. To be loved is not just the look but also the sincerity. Fighting!

  2. Yon says:

    It’s really touching to hear about seung gi being a very sincere person from another person.. Like what PD Na had said, there are other entertainers who can trick the camera by doing such things for 1-2minutes. Our seung gi sincerely did it for an hour..not everyone can do it. That’s why I think the hyungs are very appreciative of him too.

    Really very proud of seung gi and I’m very proud to be a seung gi fan!!!!

  3. rc says:

    I too am proud to be one of his fans. He may not have the looks as the other actors/singers do but he has the heart which for me was what caught my attention to admire him.
    Keep it up LSG and all the best.

  4. arina says:

    i remember one old woman said this to Seunggi “someone has raised up their child right!..from wat i can see for the 3 yrs i watched him in 1n2d..he is really a humble and sincere person…

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