11.03.12 News Tidbits

Since it’s a slow day, I’ll share a hilarious tweet I read:

(rough translation) Next Wednesday is SeungGi’s fan signing. I’m so happy that all I can do is laugh. I’m definitely going. With my high-performance camera, I’m going to capture every pore and shave mark on his face.

Let’s hope that she’ll share those pictures with the rest of us. 😆


A tweet posted at 3pm KST:

Finally, boarded the boat!! I was worried about the waves in the East Sea because of the tsunami. ㅠ Fortunately, the weather is nice, and right now, Kang Ho Dong, Uhm Force, and Lee Seung Gi are on this boat.

I think there was some concern earlier about whether the 1n2d team would be able to leave Ulleungdo on Saturday, so I’m glad that they made it out of the island okay.


It seems that the minimum purchase at FUBU was 100,000 won for a fan signing ticket. According to a dclsg fan, all 40 of the tickets were claimed by about 11:30am KST.


This was a conversation on twitter a little before 10am KST:

A: What day is today? I’m looking forward to someone crossing my path. ㅋㅋ

B: Today is the day Lee Seung Gi is coming ㅋㅋㅋ

I think these 2 people work at FUBU in Daegu. I know they’re giving out fan signing tickets today, but is SeungGi going to be there as well? I guess he could be making a stop there on his way back to Seoul from Ulleungdo, maybe to sign those hoody t-shirts? 😛

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