Lee Seung Gi, Crowned as Brides-to-be’s ‘Candy Man’ of Choice

All-around entertainer Lee Seung Gi has been singled out by brides-to-be as the ‘Candy Man’.

A survey of 890 brides-to-be was conducted by a plastic surgery clinic from March 3 to March 10, asking the question, “Disregarding your partner, among the male celebrities, from whom would you like to receive love confession on White Day?” The result was Lee Seung Gi at #1 receiving 34.2% (305) of the support, Hyun Bin at #2 with 32.4% (289), and Won Bin at #3 with 31.5% (281) of the support.

The clinic explains, “… Lee Seung Gi has firm lips and a nose that’s glowing with healthy beauty. This boosts confidence in the other side.”

On the other hand, thanks to his high likeability among consumers, Lee Seung Gi has received love calls as various brands’ CF models.

Source: sportsseoul
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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