11.03.13 News Tidbits

SeungGi is gracing the cover of another Japanese magazine. 😀

AERA, March 21 Issue

credit: hanrize


I read this tweet yesterday, and thought it was just from a typical fanboy. I didn’t connect the dots until I saw it mentioned by a dclsg fan.

A: BTW, did you know that Lee Seung Gi sshi is also a fan of YulGang (열혈강호)?

B: Yes. I knew that from watching 1N2D. ^^ I’m a huge fan [literal translation = maniac] of Lee Seung Gi.

Anyway, it turns out that person B is actually the artist of the manhwa 열혈강호 (Ruler of the Land), Yang Jae Hyun.

When SeungGi was on his book mission in Busan, he asked the manhwa store ajumma for it, probably for his personal collection. 😛


A tweet posted at 12pm KST:

Someone was filming on a road in Apgujeong. I was passing by, so I took a peek. It was “Lee Seung Gi” *scream*~~~ He’s really good-looking ㅋ

What is SeungGi filming today?

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3 Responses to 11.03.13 News Tidbits

  1. MiSS dIEJa says:

    what is yulgang??@_@

  2. yon says:

    omo!! the japanese magazine….

    i really really don’t understand why the japanese photographer can do such a good job in taking such nice shots of Seung Gi but not the korean photographers..

    I told myself not to buy magazines as it’s heavy and ‘useless’… but i’m really very tempted to buy this issue of ‘AERA’…… ..

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