11.03.14 News Tidbits

This is not directly related to SeungGi, but I thought it was interesting:

Yang Joon Hyuk, the baseball player and big fan of Han Hyo Joo who made a guest appearance on 1n2d back in December, has been chosen to be the new 7th member on Qualification of Men.


SeungGi’s appearance on Fuji TV’s Hokotate ほこ×たて was originally scheduled to air today (March 14). But due to special programs covering the Japan earthquake, the variety show’s broadcast has been postponed until further notice.

Instead, the Fuji TV talk show YamasakiPan ヤマサキパン will broadcast SeungGi’s episode tonight. It will be at 24:35 – 24:45 JST.

EDIT: SeungGi’s episode of YamasakaPan has been postponed as well.

credit: liuyue420, 雪糯米/China Cafe


11.03.13 1N2D single rating: 29.5%; peak rating: 38.5% during the morning mission

11.03.13 Nielsen ratings: #3 Happy Sunday 20.6 (Seoul 21.6); #11 1N2D rerun 11.8 (Seoul 12.9)

11.03.13 TNS ratings: #2 Happy Sunday 18.6 (Seoul 20.8); #14 1N2D rerun 10.3 (Seoul 11.5)


Here’s a follow-up tweet from the person who saw SeungGi in Apgujeong yesterday (thanks to nicoleko66 for the tip and iGo_Seung for the clarification :D):

I saw him filming something inside a driving taxi today. ㅋ But a really long time ago when he was singing Because You’re My Woman… I saw him at that time too. I think he looks better being in the spotlight. ㅎ

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