‘Letter From Angels 8 – Happiness’ Photo Exhibit in Busan

The Korea Social Welfare Society branch in Busan has announced that photographer Cho Seihon’s ‘Letter From Angels 8 – Happiness’ photo exhibit will be held at the Busan headquarter of Lotte Gallery from March 18th through March 31st.


This article mentions SeungGi as one of the models in the photo exhibit, but doesn’t say much else.

It says actor Yoo Ji Tae is expected to attend the photo exhibit at 2pm on March 19th. Wouldn’t it be nice if SeungGi could find some free time to attend as well? I want to see him posing next to his own photos. 😀

Source: naver
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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  1. joannalissa says:

    HwanSung! ❤

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