‘Sea of People’ Crowd of 1500 at Lee Seung Gi Fan Signing Held in Daegu Dongseongno

Lee Seung Gi paralyzed the street of Dongseongno also known as the Daegu Myeongdong.

On March 16, Lee Seung Gi held a fan signing on Dongseongno street for the ‘Denim Line Event’ of the clothing F brand for which he’s currently active as the model.

This fan signing was held at the F brand’s store located in Daegu Dongseongno. It lasted for approximately 1 hour and brought about 1500 fans out in a sea of people. It was reported that the crowd of people had paralyzed the Dongseongno area.

Hearing this, netizens responded, “Lee Seung Gi’s popularity is really sky-high”, “After last year, his stock is still on top this year”, “I heard it was during the daytime but he still attracted that big of a crowd.”

Source: tvdaily
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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6 Responses to ‘Sea of People’ Crowd of 1500 at Lee Seung Gi Fan Signing Held in Daegu Dongseongno

  1. Gen Wong says:

    Why am I so happy reading this news? Seunggi-ya, you are loved!

  2. Tishi says:

    Seung-gi’s a real showstopper.

  3. Delima says:

    1500 or 15,000 .In Popseoul it written 15,000.Which is the true figure.

    • tryp96 says:

      I’m afraid that the person writing for Popseoul needs to read more carefully next time. I’m sure SeungGi is capable of attracting 15,000 fans to see him, but the area was already paralyzed with 1,500 of them, the rest probably just gave up and went home. 😆

  4. Delima says:

    Thanks for comformation, if 15,000 people coming, i can imagine how super crowded it can be.

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