Kind-hearted SeungGi, part 2

This is a follow-up to the previous post, Kind-hearted SeungGi.

This picture was also posted on February 4. I’m not sure how I missed it last time. 😛

Looks like SeungGi sent Park Sung Il a card along with the gift.

I hope you have a healthy year in 2011, and the two of you are happy forever!

– Lee Seung Gi –

[*Park Sung Il has a very caring girlfriend.]

If Park Sung Il received the flower and the card on February 4, they were probably gifts for the Korean New Year. And SeungGi probably sent them right before he left for New York.

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3 Responses to Kind-hearted SeungGi, part 2

  1. dewi says:

    who is park sung il? celebrity too? what kind of relationship seunggi has with him?

  2. Rachael simply loves seung gi says:

    awwnnn… ❤ Seung Gi… u r making me love u even more… there's no limit in loving Seung Gi…
    Wish Park Sung Il the best… really the best… 😦

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