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Kolon Sport Wallpaper/Screensaver #3

*updated with screensaver* 1280 x 1024 1024 x 768 You can download the screensaver (in 2 different sizes) here. credit: kolon sport

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Top 10 Asian Stars – Most Influential in China in 2010

OMG, this is totally daebak! 😀 A Chinese website (vdfly.com) conducted a humongous poll over a period of 3 months. There were over 1000 star candidates on the poll. The final result, the list of the top 10 Asian Stars … Continue reading

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Japanese News Yomiuri Online – Love Story of a Human and a Nine-Tailed Fox

*updated with minor changes* It also comes with an interview of SeungGi. Since it’s rather short, I’ll translate it. 😛

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Strong Heart Ep 69 Photos

*updated with MC photos*

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11.03.18 News Tidbits

Today seems like such a slow news day… Especially after being totally spoiled with all those goodies yesterday. 😆 The mystery of the 1N2D stuffed animals solved! Well, according to the 1N2D text preview, the trip filmed last weekend was … Continue reading

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Who is PDs’ pick for the next Nation’s MC after Kang Ho Dong – Yoo Jae Suk?

This article was way beyond my translation abilities (I actually waited a day hoping that 10asia would translate it :lol:), so I skipped a lot and did a lot of summarizing. But I hope I got the gist of it. … Continue reading

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