Lee Seung Gi, Clumsy Wink + Sweet Smiling Eyes ‘Stirring Women’s Hearts~’

When I first saw this headline yesterday, I thought the press was getting bored and writing about old news again. Seriously, is there anyone who has NOT yet seen SeungGi’s wink in the Zipel CF? 😆 But the article got a lot of hits and even climbed to the top of the Nate real-time entertainment news chart. So I finally read it and realized that it was actually talking about something slightly different. 😛

Singer Lee Seung Gi’s CF making film that was recently posted at an online community has been attracting attention.

Lee Seung Gi is currently active as a refrigerator model. His kiss on a woman’s forehead and his killer wink etc. in the CF video made his female fans’ hearts thrill.

In particular, the cute image of Lee Seung Gi winking clumsily and also his unique dimple helped steal the female fans’ hearts.

Netizens left comments like, “His dimple and smiling eyes are really lovely”, “Totally cute”, “He could as well be a doll. Really astonishing~”, “If I could see his sweet smiling eyes just once…”, “I really envy that woman.”

Source: tvreport
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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