11.03.22 Strong Heart Cuts

*12 clips + tudou link of Ep 69*

Opening – ‘I Am Legend’ Special

complete security with top 3 fighters of entertainment industry around 😆

5 meter?

What about solo singers?


I’m OK! I’m OK! (Poor SeungGi…)

Like a hammer

SeungGi, please watch Star King once in a while! 😆

No more questions from me!

Please watch Star King! Part 2

after seeing SeungGi in person?

credit: dclsg

SeungGi vs Onew: who is the king of finger-flicking?

credit: tryp96.wordpress

Vodpod videos no longer available.

credit: liuyue42/China Cafe

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2 Responses to 11.03.22 Strong Heart Cuts

  1. rc says:

    Thanks for the videos. But could someone English-sub video cut #12. It seems really hilarious.

  2. Fave says:

    Thanks Tryp for the Tudou link. I really enjoyed watching this episode, I feel that Seung Gi has improved his MCing skills tremendously. He also looked good, both he and KHD together are simply hilarious ! It’s just too bad that the ratings have been rather low for the past few episodes. Hope that they will invite more interesting guests to improve the ratings. LSG and Strong Heart fighting !!

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