King’s Brunch Screencaps – Lee Seung Gi

Some dclsg fans are “complaining” that the clothes SeungGi wears in Japan are more revealing than those in Korea, that he’s giving preferential treatment to the Japanese fans. Do you agree? 😆

credit: dclsg, as labeled

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7 Responses to King’s Brunch Screencaps – Lee Seung Gi

  1. shunliwei says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG! Tryp, this made me LOL! It’s my first time reading “issue” of “revealing clothes” about man celeb. I usually read this term regarding ladies fashion. 🙂 Oh, maybe because I don’t have interest in other artists, so I don’t read a lot about them.

    Fans are getting jealous eh? I don’t think he gives preferential treatment to Japanese fans. Maybe SeungGi thought that his fans in Korea are more conservative or it’s just a coincidence that he wore that low neckline shirt? Korea fans should not get jealous since SeungGi is in Korea most days of the year and goes to Japan for few days only (just kidding). 🙂

    Tryp, thanks a lot for all the update. God bless you always. 🙂

    • Dimples says:

      Oh, sorry. I forgot to type my name. I upgraded Firefox so my default name got deleted. I just realized now.

  3. Tishi says:

    When this came to my e-mail, I thought he was wearing a really deep V-neck shirt, or something like that. But when I saw the photos, I don’t think it’s too revealing. Although that neckline isn’t something we see him frequently wearing. And yeah, Korean fans should not be jealous. Hahaha! After all, it’s almost easy for them to see him in the streets of Korea especially if he’s filming 1N2D. Thanks for the update, Tryp!

  4. marj says:

    either way the v neckline looks great on seunggi.I think its time for him to wear such clothes that will make him look more manly/sexy and less of a boy since he’s already 25. It would also make directors,writers and produces see him in a different light and hopefully it will score him more serious drama roles sometime soon

  5. gloss says:

    hehehe. i’m not complaining. he looks good. as always.

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