My Girlfriend is a Gumiho NG GIFs

The images are actually pretty small, what you’re seeing is the blown-up version at twice the size. 😛

Credit: SeungSunLove Cafe

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15 Responses to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho NG GIFs

  1. Tishi says:

    Gosh, Tryp! Thanks for being an angel and sharing these. They’re so cute. That first gif, I guess they went of balance or something. Anyway, thanks again! =)

  2. dewi says:

    I’ve always waiting for NG scenes, they are so cute together^^
    My best ever fave couple!!!

  3. yumiko says:

    i was a fan of Seunggi from 2008..
    right now.. it seems quite.. Airen fans cafe already left and give up him..
    i was thinking should i give up him.. i used to be brian joo fan before Seung gi.
    Brian joo always communicating with fans on facebook. Seung gi always boring..
    anyway.. i hope he’s leave amy soon..

    • tryp96 says:


      Seriously, if being a fan of SeungGi is giving you more frustration than enjoyment, maybe it IS time for you to move on. Good luck with your next fandom.

    • aigo says:

      yumiko annoying yumiko annoying

    • yon says:

      yumiko, just leave Seung Gi, ok? and don’t come here anymore. Don’t try using another nick to post again..

      Good, without you, i have 1 fan less to fight with me on Seung Gi.. hahaha….
      (oh, maybe you were not even a seung gi fan to begin with, so the number of seung gi fans is still the same as before)

      Thank you for giving up Seung Gi.. 정말 감사합니다!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:


      • yeobo says:

        funny to know that someone gave up Seung Gi because of not so reachable to fans… as far as I know, he’s not that tech-ie of a person right?why judge him?Seung Gi loves his Airens so much that’s why he had it named for his fans right?And at the other side, how can he do some tweeting and everything when he is so busy?God knows if he still rests, right?Because he’s that committed to make his fans happy just to see him.. And as for me, I was not there when he debuted, not a fan before I saw him on MGIAG and hear his very lovable voice to be honest..but now, Im promising him to be a forever Airen!!! All for the love of Seung Gi!!!

  4. aigo says:

    LSG fighting!!!

  5. everydei says:

    haha calm down with yumiko guys. she’s just voicing out her opinion. ^^

    anyways. how sweet of the airens to include Miho in the gif.
    that’s why i really like airens as i like seunggi.
    ive been into many fandoms with diff fans before and so far, airens are really showing the right attitude. ^^___^^ just same with Seunggi.
    i guess ill watch that bts again.

  6. Tishi says:

    @Yumiko, we respect your opinion, but if you really don’t have anything good to say about Seung-gi, then I suggest that you just find Brian Joo’s fanblogs and praise him there. =)

  7. gaea says:

    @yumiko: Woots!! Yumiko DEAR(you should know,how the intonation made of) or Waiyi, whatever name you used of, thank you very much of leaving Seung Gi because we don’t need you too here, you never shared any info neither congratulating….just UPS,UPSET and UPSET!!

    So go away,if you need somewhere to voice up just make your own blog and STOP MESSING with the other,okay? Even more, you don’t give a gist of comment for the post, so I suggest you to made your own blog, own fandom, and own topic.

    @ Tryp: Tryp, sorry to made a crowd again in your blog. Thank you very much, the pict is cute and sweet, love Seung Gi even more now kkk~

  8. dewi says:

    What we do here is only for supporting and loving seung gi very much, we do those kind of things without any disappointment, upset and never give up on him. Are you sure airen fans cafe start to leave him? I definitely think the opposite way, If you do fan of Seung Gi you will never feel that way and spread those kind of words. I agree with friends here, If you do not find any ENJOYMENT you BETTER to leave him and us alone. We, here being so much thankful and grateful as being our beloved seung gi fan. And also huge thanks and hug to you tryp^^

  9. Anonymous says:


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