11.04.10 News Tidbits

Some follow-up posts on SeungGi’s soccer game:

There were 8 of them, Lee Seung Gi and his friends.
We had a game of 8:8. Their skills seemed to be average.
Whoa, but he was indeed good-looking.
Seeing him in real life, his height was about 183cm, and he had broad shoulders.
He was really better-looking than on TV, and also looked more three-dimensional.
On TV, he seemed to have a big nose. But in real life, his nose was actually quite sharp.
He came in the latest model of Volkswagen Golf. ㅋㅋ His friends drove a Benz.

This might be the model:

credit: dclsg

I asked to take pictures.
But his friends said no, so we just talked.
But just like his image on TV, he laughed a lot, and his manners were also good.
Even if it was a light scuffle (during the game), he would say sorry. And when the game ended, he said ‘you worked hard’ with a smile.

His friends were also really tall. Most of them were over 180. They were all good-looking. ㅋㅋ
But their soccer skills were… kkwang… Being tall and wearing training sweats, they really looked like soccer players. It seemed like they would play well, but not really. ㅋㅋ
They come to play every Sunday.

Really good-looking in person. ㅋㅋ
Much better looking than on TV.


A dclsg fan read someone’s post about a soccer game that took place today (Sunday, April 10th), and it included this:

It became a meaningful day because we had a game with entertainer Lee Seung Gi.

He might be posting some pictures later. Can’t wait to see SeungGi playing soccer! 😀

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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4 Responses to 11.04.10 News Tidbits

  1. ann says:

    i thought that this soccer game is for 1n2days filming but i think it is just one of the times SG plays soccer with his regular friends 🙂

  2. shunliwei says:


  3. forever_epikfan says:

    Woah..what a luck fan!! Seriously when I get the opportunity to go to South Korea- I hope to be this lucky!!! >O< But… I wanted to see at least one picture of Lee Seung Gi !! *crosses fingers and hopes someone does post at least one picture* 😀

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