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11.04.15 Entertainment News

#1 star (on KBS variety) wanted as a husband and son-in-law – Lee Seung Gi credit: daum cafe

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11.04.09 1N2D BTS Photo

This seems to be the closing of last weekend’s shooting in Namhae. credit: dclsg

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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Clip in Japanese

This is for those of you who are curious about the Japanese dubbing. 😛 Unfortunately, the audio is slightly out of sync. credit: naver blog

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Volunteer SeungGi Photos

*updated* These are from the Happiness Sympathy Service Corps event held in last November.

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PyeongChangSu CF – Lee Seung Gi

Gosh, Haitai Beverage is really being cheap this year. They just keep modifying the old CFs instead of filming brand new ones. credit: dclsg

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FUBU X 123KLAN Collaboration: Street Fashion

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UmChinAh Lee Seung Gi, Appointed Head of Service Corps by Ministry of Planning and Finance for 2 Consecutive Years

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Chung Jung Won & Activia Photos – Lee Seung Gi

Chung Jung Won

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11.04.14 News Tidbits

I just realized that it’s Black Day today. 😛 Happy Black Day to SeungGi and all the single Airens! Enjoy some jajangmyeon like SeungGi did! 😆 credit: dclsg

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