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Lee Seung Gi is Indeed UmChinAh, Even Acing 1N2D Games

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi, Double-Jump Rope Record of 43 Jumps! Crowned as ‘Jump Rope Prodigy’

HeoDang SeungGi has been crowned as ‘Jump Rope Prodigy’.

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11.04.16 KB Card CF Filming Fanpics Part 4 – Lee Seung Gi

*updated* SeungGi’s new hairstyle is still a hot topic among the netizens. It’ll probably just take them a little more time to get used to it. Starting from the 1n2d shooting, to the Pizza Hut CF shooting, and then to … Continue reading

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11.04.18 News Tidbits

SeungGi is to return as a singer soon?! This was tweeted at 11:37am KST on 4/18: [Big News] For the eve (5.16) of the BaekHo Track Meet (5.17~20), the invitation of singer ‘HeoDang Lee Seung Gi Teacher’ has been settled. … Continue reading

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Tae Woong – Ji Won – Seung Gi United as ‘MuSeopDang’ 1N2D New Line is Born!

1N2D’s new line MuSeopDang has been born.

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11.04.17 1N2D Cuts

*13 clips so far + tudou link of Ep 200* Here’re the hidden staff!

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11.04.17 News Tidbits

SeungGi to appear on MBC Come to Play? I saw this posted on dclsg, but for some reason it got deleted at lightning speed. So I checked the SeungSunLove Cafe, and it seems to be true. As you may have … Continue reading

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Section TV Interview Screencaps – Lee Seung Gi

*updated* SeungGi’s expressions are just adorable, as always. 😀

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11.04.17 Section TV Interview – Lee Seung Gi

*updated* Preview:

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